Zirconia Metal Free

Welcome to Mohan Dental Laboratory zirconia metal free lab in delhi,The dynamic advancement of dental technology has recently made it possible to use metal-free prostheses. With the application of zirconium-dioxid prostheses, aestetic crowns and bridges, perfectly lifelike, are within our reach. Zirconium-dioxid is a very resistant material.

It has the special quality to stop micro-cracks on the surface - so the life-span of your prosthesis will be longer. Zirconium-dioxid also has an aesthetic speciality and like in case of real teeth it not only partly absorbs and reflects the light but also partly lets it through thus creating a natural effect.

As it is built on white zirconium base - even if the mucosal shrinks back later in time - there will be no grey coloration - as it is observed with crowns made of metal. Therefore we highly recommend the use of zirconium-dioxid crowns and bridges, especially in the front and smile-zone.

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